As I promised I will show you guys my Glossybox goodie bag that I got on SBW’17. So today’s feature is all about Glossybox.

Glossybox is basically a monthly subscription beauty box. You subscribe on the website and the following month you get your beauty box. I must admit I didn’t know much about it until I got it and that made me search and know about it a little more. Apparently according to Instagram It’s the most successful beauty box in Sweden right now with 47.3k followers (WOw).. So, you go to their website glossybox and you will find different categories to subscribe.

  • 3 months subscription (3 månaders prenumeration) costs = 417 kr
  • 6 months subscription (6 månaders prenumeration) costs = 699 kr
  • current subscription (Löpande prenumeration) costs =139 kr
  • 12 month subscription (12 månaders prenumeration) = 12,99 kr

You subscribe to the box you want and you get 5 beauty products along with glossybox magazine.

My first glossy box. 

Here is the glossybox that I got. It had so many wonderfull things that I’m eager to try.  Ofcourse we got some extra goodies that were not the part of the glossy box like pukka tea, coconut water, Emily fruit chips and some other products.

Take a look of what was inside the box.


Currently I’m using this lip and cheek tint and it is so good I don’t want it to end!! (I also got a hair color for blondes unfortunately I’m not one so I gave it to my Blonde friend =D)

Yes, our goodie bag was a bit different from the actual subscription  boxes because these were made specially for the show (I think :/ ).

And one more piece of information, Glossy box is also nominated for ‘Swedish Beauty and Cosmetic Awards’. So there you go what more reasons do you need to get your box 😉

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