Everybody loves travelling.  WHO AM I KIDDING ?? It’s a universal phenomena. People choose different means to get to their favorite destinations. By car, bus, train, plane etc etc.. As every other human- being my husband and I love travelling but unfortunately I have developed a phobia from taking long flights (eyes rolling) that’s why we chose to visit our favorite destinations by road.


The plan was to get a car on rent for the trip because it is more safe than taking chances on your own car for such a long ride.We chose ‘Hertz’ car rental. Do you know if you car starts troubling on the trip they send you their mechanic in whatever part of Europe you are and if the problem can’t be solved you might get another car.. HOW GREAT IS THAT !!(but yes terms and conditions apply of course). So, to plan a summer road trip you need to start from budgeting because once you are out of home for this long you are going to pay a lot for every little thing that you hardly notice while planning the trip. For us it took a lot of time to plan, budgeting and so many stickies that were all over the house for the things we need for the trip, distance we have to cover in one day, hours we have to spend in a car, hotel bookings ..bathroom breaks everything !!!…I must say it was hectic and we had disagreements while choosing the destination but it totally worth it. I picked Netherlands and Germany and Naveed picked Switzerland (though it was his second time there but damn the guy loves that country) and we had to go through Denmark because it was our connecting country.

You see these stickies ?? they were ALL OVER THE PLACE literally .. bedroom, kitchen, bathroom eeeeverywhere.. (YEA I cut myself out from the picture because I was looking maasi)


  • Start saving!!
  • Lots of stickies-
  • Budgeting-
  • Maps-
  • Check the easiest routes-
  • Check the alternative routes when the easiest route doesn’t work
  • Check weather condition for a week and search the expected weather for the next 10 days on google and pack accordingly-
  • When cost cutting, look for hostels instead of hotels. You might find camping areas also where you don’t have to pay much.
  • Try to book places in city centers with parking (because it’s very difficult to find parking at the spot) so you can easily go by foot and it’s the best way for sight-seeing.
  • Get your currency changed… just in case if your card doesn’t work.

    Our on the go kitchen =D


  • WATER !!! A lot of it.. because you might get stuck in traffic for hours so it’s better to plan ahead.. we got stuck for 4 hours on 3 different days because the famous german ‘Autobahn’ was under construction and it was the only connecting route. We bought a huge gallon with  a tap and we used to fill it every morning before travelling towards our next destination and we keep filling little bottles with it to keep it with us in the front. (Saves a lot of money when you are on a budget)
  • Stove and camping pans to satisfy your ‘Chai ka nasha’.. I’m very addicted to tea.. It probably was the best thing during a trip. Whenever we wanted, we take a short way out of motorway and stop the car beside a small road and have a cup of tea with PAPAY. You don’t know what papay are ?? RUSK !! Best combination.
  • More fruits less Junk if you want your stomach to stay alright.
  • noodles, pita bread, taco bread, soup packets in case you are in suburbs and can’t find any restaurant or halal food. Best for camping.
  • Camp. Go a little adventures 😉
  • Raincoat because you never know! umbrella, 2 sweaters, rain boots, joggers (for all the sight-seeing) you can also get those gel base to put in your shoes and make them extra comfy and less painfull.
  • First aid kit. Some pills for stomach, fever and allergy ..just in case (-_-)
  • Full pack of sun screen with at least SPF -30 and mosquito repellent. V.imp !!

    Ah!!   CHAI ..

So I am gonna share all about my journey … You just have to deal with patience. It was a super AHMAAAAZING trip. enjoyed alot, learned a lot and honestly speaking our pre-trip planning did work very well ALHUMDULILAH. =D FYI I took all these pictures from my phone so they might don’t have a good quality I lost my cam battery and we bought another one when from GERMANY (-_-)

So, follow me 😉