I’m not going to write a separate article related to Denmark which was our first stop. Honestly speaking, we didn’t spend much time there because it’s very similar to Stockholm and we really were in the mood to get a change in environment.

So, our second stop was Amsterdam. I say it a lot on instagram that I have a thing for city/towns with abbeys and canals and that was the main reason I wanted to go there. I LOVE CANALS!!

We reached Netherlands after crossing through Denmark and Germany. When you enter into Netherlands you will see and feel the difference. It’s like the green starts getting even more greener. The scenery even with the usual motorway was beautiful.

Our stay was booked in the ‘Best Western Hotel’ (Since my walima til now, we are their  loyal customers lol). The room was on 3rd floor with a view of the city <3. We also got free parking BINGO! Our room was really good with a big bathroom, good toiletries (V.imp) and big window walls ❤ that made it look very fresh and airy.


Canals were only 30 minutes walk so at night we took the bus because we weren’t sure if we’ll find parking near by the center and so glad we did. It was the busiest city center. Tourists, tourists and a great deal of tourists.. Asians, African, Americans,Europeans, Middle esterns , fashionistas, gothes, hippies and what not. It was as colorful as it could be.



By the night the busy roads get a little less busy and canals fills the city with lights and colors. If you are a muslim you don’t have to worry about the food. You can find halal restaurants there easily. We also found ‘Simit Sirayi’ that is my favorite restaurant in Stockholm but we ate some other Arabian food for a change. IMG_4604In city center you will find all sort off activities, street music, street dancing, concerts etc. I am yet not sure if it was a good place for kids to enjoy though.

AGAIN!! WE LOST THE CAMERA BATERRY somewhere in our trunk and I had to use my Iphone =((

There were many brothels or whatever you call them in 2017 and cafes where drugs are legal ..like ‘bulldog’  that I don’t want my kid to see (as I don’t have a kid so to be more precise my husband to see lol).

Amsterdam was beautifull but I think it was a bit over the hype. I got a bit disappointed to see all those sex shops, woman as their display items and men with their greedy stares and cameras all over them. To me it was sad and that made my view for canals a bit sad too. But it’s their country, their culture and their rules.. Good for them =) With this thought we ended standing on the bridge over the canal and watching travelers taking boat rides for an hour and left the place to explore rest of the city.


Rest of city is as colorful as the center. Beautiful buildings, if you have a heart for architecture, history and design.. and their attention to details will make you go WOW.. Spent two days there and left the city for other town and another story to explore. =)


Final Verdict:

6/10 .. enjoyed

Might go there someday to make a documentary for my unanswered questions.

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See you again with a new city and new experience. =)