I had a very rough start of 2018. For a moment It felt like everything was falling apart, everything was moving except me, I felt suffocated and like I am drowning.

I don’t really generalize people and don’t want to be generalized. There are people who come much stronger in such circumstances but there are people who lose all hopes and today I am writing this for them. I know you must be wondering how I came out of that dark period, well I re-evaluated .. EVERYTHING around me.

Started with social platforms, I know most of us think they don’t have any impact on us but believe me they do! Everything you’ve been following on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter effects you more then you think. The hypocritic news channels will make you a hypocrite, that friend from your school who never liked you but follow your every story will annoy you, all these people having ‘Oh! so perfect lives’ will make you envy .. So, the question is why not letting them go ? It wasn’t easy but I did that .. un-followed every single of them. key to happiness ..BLOCK THEM!

Moving on to the next much bigger and more difficult step.. Re-evaluate people. I am a very strong believer that people bring energies. Positive people will bring positive  energies and some negative people have negative energies and they leave those energies around you. So, in this process you have to let go of everyone and everything that brings you a negative energy. Prioritize! .. there are people who genuinely love you and then there are people who let you down. Let go of them fake people. If someone doesn’t want you to be in their lives or doesn’t want to share their moments with you, you don’t have to beg because there are those people that you may take for granted but they always put you first.. They value you and your existence matter to them.. surround yourself with those people. Know who your real friends are and who are not.. Don’t believe words.. Believe ACTIONS!

Don’t tell someone to ‘forgive and forget’ when you weren’t there saving them..It’s easy to tell someone ‘forgive and forget’ but not every human brain works like that. It’s 2018 atleast we should have realised this by now. Stay away from what you can’t process to forget and make a peace with yourself first.

Lastly, be a little selfish in making your self happy and trust me when I say this everyone around you is selfish they might sugar coat it. Engage yourself in activities that make you happy. Fight for yourself. People call you everything bad but don’t let go off things without putting up a fight for yourself because in the end no one will come to rescue you but your own self.  I might not know your circumstances or what you are going through but rise above your circumstances. Rise above all the negativity.

Finishing it with a little pray that I hope and I pray this piece will heal someone today. Ameen. Share it with someone you think this might help.