If you are thinking that I’m going to talk about ‘Positive vibes’, wear your slippers and RUN AWAY NOW !! I just tricked you to read something you won’t read otherwise. HAHA!

So let’s talk about this very instagrammable hashtag ‘Positive Vibes’. My feeds are full of these positive vibes. Positive couples, their online positive hugs, positive kisses, positive food, and very positive kids.. So like all the animals in the herd I joined the pack too, to inject this positive energy. After a while I started noticing something very disappointing. The comments!! teenage girls and guys questioning themselves why they aren’t as happy as the person look in the picture or why they can’t be this happy or writing ‘couple goals’.. I could go long with these disappointing comments but let’s stop here and talk about the problem.

It’s so easy to post a selfie everyday and write a quote of Rumi that explains nothing but your photogenic pictures with editing and your reading collection may be. Why it’s not allowed to talk about #negativevibes that are more natural and how we should fight them. Why we have to portray this ‘Oh so perfect’ community that doesn’t exist. Why a couple can’t talk about actual life problems, depression, stress, anxiety? helping each other through sickness for real.. Recently, it was mental illness week and people talked about it for a while and stopped. WHY? so that your page doesn’t look or sound gloomy and you might stop getting sponsors ? I’m not against sponsored posts but atleast we can keep a balance. We can make this community a bit more organic. We can make these teenagers and adults a bit less miserable. Not everyone have a perfect life, a perfect house, perfect parents, support system or circumstances. Now I’m not saying we should act ungrateful and start complaining about each and everything but let’s help each other to grow beyond these circumstances .. Let’s talk about how we CAN be more positive by stop telling them to be negative. Let’s do gratitude challenges because why not ?!

There’s a very interesting fact that I learned from my therapist and I’ll always remember it. She said: ‘The more you tell yourself to stop being negative and you need to be more positive, is actually you reminding yourself how negative you are’.. So, stop telling others that they are negative, It’s as bad as fat shaming someone.. Let them talk about their concerns and if you find any grammatical or spelling mistakes IGNORE THEM. Concentrate more on what’s important! Let’s be grateful together.

So, what are you grateful for today ?