If you are still confused about indoor plants because you are not good in taking care of them you have to read the first part of this article where I introduced my own indoor plants that are absolutely fine with minimum care : Indoor plants that demands minimal care

We all know about their beauty aspect in home decor and I must say this out loud that artificial plants may fill the space but they don’t look as good or benefit you in any way.  My love for indoor plants was inherited from my mother. I was born in a country side and my house was always full packed with fruits and veggies because we have almost every tree and plant in our house and not to forget the roses and their fragrance in the air .. ah good times. Later, we moved to the capital city where we didn’t have much place but my mom planted several plants in pots and now we have little nursery in our balcony and outside the house.

After getting married, I moved to Stockholm with my husband where the weather condition didn’t permit me to have plants. I decorated my place the way I always wanted but there was still something missing. So, I started researching a lot on internet (thanks to google) and learned about some plants that can survive indoors in minimal light and care. MONEY SPENT INSTANTLY ! and suddenly the house looks exactly the way I wanted and there was nothing missing.

A part from the freshness it brought into the house I felt a lot better then before but how can just having plants around make you feel better? Let me explain..

If you do a little research you will get to know how some plants are poisonous and how some have healthy effects on your mind and body . I have peace lily and spider plant and both of them are famous because of the fact that they remove toxins from the air and you can breathe fresh air even when you live in a Scandinavian house with your windows shut for almost 6 months of winter. Aloe vera that I keep in my living room because now it’s getting cold outside, it emits oxygen which improves in better sleep quality. Pothos almost have the same qualities. As, the level of clean oxygen increases the level of stress and anxiety will also decrease. We all know how famous is Lavender when it comes to aromatherapy so instead of buying an aromatherapy diffuser you can have a pot of lavender at your vanity or in the window. Plus points for saving some bucks and decor 😉

The other more important factor is, as a part of the photosynthetic and respiratory processes plants increase humidity in the air so instead of buying a humidifier you can buy more plants to keep your environment humid HAH!. Most people use humidifier who struggles a lot because of very dry skin and this happens due to the central heating in our air tight apartments. So, here is one big beauty factor right there.

“According to researchers at Kansas State University. Compared to patients in rooms without plants, patients in rooms with plants request less pain medication, have lower heart rates and blood pressure, experience less fatigue and anxiety, and are released from the hospital sooner.

The Dutch Product Board for Horticulture commissioned a workplace study that discovered that adding plants to office settings decreases fatigue, colds, headaches, coughs, sore throats and flu-like symptoms. In another study by the Agricultural University of Norway, sickness rates fell by more than 60 percent in offices with plants.”–Health benefits of indoor plants


Without getting into anymore research and theories, let’s keep the article simple for everyone to understand and conclude the health benefits here.

  • Indoor plants help purify the air.
  • They increase the level of oxygen and humidity.
  • With the increase in Oxygen anxiety decreases and by decreasing anxiety you stay more focused.
  • By increase in the level of humidity in the room you get less skin issues like eczema.
  • Less breathing problems
  • Therapeutic effects on mind and body.
  • Better sleep conditions decreases insomnia
  • Lower blood pressure, less fatigue, coughs and flu-like symptoms

Caution: Before buying any plant do a little research about it or ask around or someone who works at the nursery to know about the key features. Make sure what you are buying is healthy not poisonous for you, family, guests or kids. Also, make sure that you are not allergic.

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