Who doesn’t like hearing ‘You just have a baby but you look the same’, ‘Omg where is the baby weight gone?’ ..Yes we all do !

This topic is not just for expecting mothers but for everyone who has been fighting with sugary cravings and binge eating. Here’s a little technique that I followed during my pregnancy and ALHUMDULILAH I was right back on my scale as soon as I had my Arsala Iva.

A warm glass of  honey water and a banana early morning.. Here’s why…

I start the morning with honey water, still do if Arsala isn’t crying lol. and have a banana smoothie right after. Taking sugar intake in the morning will make you stay away from all the sugary cravings and wanting to take a bath in a Nutella jar feeling rest of the day.

I call it ‘THE IRON SMOOTHIE’ Recipe coming soon

Take a minimum 10-15 min walk :

After half an hour of lunch or eating a snack in the evening, I take a walk. If you have seen my Instagram stories during pregnancy you’d probably know that already. I wanted to exercise and stay active so I don’t get blotted while staying too much on the couch. Plus, fresh air is always good for all the right feels (and to keep yourself away from all the foodporn ) =D

Keep a check on your Vitamins:

If you feel down or lazy get your Iron and Vitamin-D checked. My Iron level went down from 125-102. So, I did this magical green smoothie diet and the last they checked it was on 118. Will soon share the recipe. 😉 Also, don’t forget to take vitamin D regularly to avoid deficiency and broken bones hehe =P

Ignore when someone tells you a ‘myth’: 

That one sentence that we aaaaaaaaaaallllll hear A LOT during pregnancy ‘Eat more..you are eating for two now’ .. I call it a myth. Your baby will get his/her share. I say instead of eating all the junk and eating it too much take small portions of healthy meals through out the day. I felt a lot of nausea so to avoid big throw ups I did eat a lot of fruits and juices.