Beauty market these days is flooded with sheet masks. You get a mask out of anything but still it’s hard to find a good mask that can actually works.

Latelt, I have started reading about masks, formulas and new techniques in the beauty industry. The recent find is Skintology’s Premium bio- cellulose sheet masks.

What is bio-cellulose :

The majority of facial masks marketed today feature fabrics made from wood pulp or coarse fibers. On the other hand bio-cellulose masks are made under laboratories in supervision and they are made of bacteria (Yes you read that right !) They are four times stronger.
Sheet masks made from biocellulose perform better than their paper counterparts because they adhere snugly to skin and don’t allow ingredients to evaporate as quickly.

What it claims to do :

It is exfoliating and deeply hydrating. The mask will make the skin feel brighter and more radiant as well as help even out the skin tone.

My experience:

When I opened the box I was surprised to see that the mask had two outter covers. At first I found it a little messy but the second time I applied it like a boss. The mask has so much serum but the good part was, it wasn’t dripping everywhere. I found the serum thick and it absorbs slowly but efficiently and then it feels like you have nothing on your skin leaving the skin soft, plumped and brighter.


Although the mask is great but I would not recommend anyone to use it as a prep for makeup. As, the serum is thick so it makes the foundation peel off because of the excessive oils already present in the foundation itself. You may just rinse your face with clean water before applying the mask.

Other +

It’s vegan and pregnancy safe.

Price range:

They have two kinds of sheet masks- Thirst Quench and Fresh start (the one I got). Each mask costs 99kr. Where as the pack of four cost 349 kr. Here are the direct links:

Fresh start

Thirst quench