In Nordics we get to see the summer for a very short ..short period of time and while we have that, we love to spend it all under the shining sun.

Days are long and humid and the nights have become shorter. This starts a problem for girls who have long hair dry scalp, girls who wear hijab or for both.  I was spending a lot of time outside with Arsala and one day I wokeup with this crazy monkey itch. My first thought ..’LICE’. Ran to the pharmacy bought the things needed to treat it. When I was combing I noticed little bumps and to make sure of that I took some pictures of my scalp.

I had pimple like tiny pink bumps on my scalp that can be caused with two things: Sweat or eating too much nuts, chocolates and eggs in summers and not hydrating enough. In my case both of the reasons are true LOL .

So I started paying attention to my scalp.

First thing first, cleaning with a good shampoo that won’t over dry. Second, masking so the dryness stay away that causes itch and also menthol and mint spreads freshness which is great against itchiness . Third oiling so I don’t keep scratching my scalp but don’t drench yourself in oil it will increase the sweating. A little goes a long way (Best way is to massage before night and shampoo next morning and let your hair air dry). Final step, my daily hair vitamins because they are important to keep my hair healthy and shiny 😉 . Bonus tip ? Don’t wear silky hijabs. Wear breathable material so that your repunzel hair remain sweat free.